The Little Square Rounds

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Run around the square with your team. When the colour of your team (orange or blue) lights up, the first person in your row runs towards this SmartGoal and pass through it. The rest of the team keeps running around the square. After ‘deactivating’ the first person will join the rest and becomes the last person.

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Stuff you need:

  • 4x SmartGoals
  • 1x SmartRemote
  • 6x Orange bibs
  • 6x Blue bibs
  • 8x Pawns

Train skills like:

  • Split vision
  • Reaction
  • Speed
  • Sprinting


  • The first person in the row has a ball and dribbles while the others running. When his turn is over, he passes the ball to the new ‘first in row’
  • All teammembers have a ball and dribble around the square
  • Measure time and score with the SmartGoals app