One on One

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This excercise is a finishing excercise. First, the long ball is givin’ to the player in the middle of the SmartGoals. The player in the middle gets the ball and passes the ball trough the SmartGoal that lights up. He gets the ball back and tries to score.

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Stuff you need:

  • 3x SmartGoals
  • 1x SmartRemote
  • 1x SmartGoals app
  • 5x Orange bibs
  • 5x Blue bibs

Train skills like:

  • Passing
  • Communication
  • Ball control
  • Split vision


  • The exercises can be used in combination with some pre-exercise or after exercise where player have to finish on a goal or run before they shoot.
  • The exercise can be made more challenging when you start to measure scores or precision with the app. Shoot 10 balls and measure how many of them are scored.