Moving the Game

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With this exercise you’re litteraly¬†Moving the Game. Both teams are getting one side of the field. The first team tries to pass the ball 10 times without interrupting by the other team (in this case on the left side of the field). When, however, the other team gets the ball before these 10 times, they pass the ball through the SmartGoal that lights up and moving the game to the right side, where they can try to pass the ball 10 times.

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Stuff you need:

  • 2x SmartGoals
  • 1x SmartRemote
  • 4x Orange bibs
  • 4x Blue bibs

Train skills like:

  • Passing
  • Switch of play
  • Communication
  • Ball control
  • Split vision


  • Start easy with a goal of passing the ball, for example, 5 times
  • Make it more difficult by increasing the number of passes
  • Play with uneven teams