Get the Ball and Score

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Get the ball and score a positional play with three teams where one team is in the middle and the others playing together. When the team that is standing in the middle captures the ball they have to score trough one of the SmartGoals that is turned on by the trainer on the moment they captured the ball. The team that lost the ball is now in the middle.

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Stuff you need:

  • 4x SmartGoals
  • 1x SmartRemote
  • SmartGoals app
  • 10x Ball
  • 2x Orange bibs
  • 2x Blue bibs
  • 2x Red bibs

Train skills like:

  • Passing
  • Switch of play
  • Putting pressure
  • Communication


  • Make the exercise more challenging by measuring time and score with the SmartGoals app
  • The team in the middle has to be in the middle for 2 minutes and has to score as many as possible
  • The other two teams can score by passing the ball 10 times without being touched by the team in the middle